RockScar's mission is to aid in the advancement of the global data center and cloud infrastructure industry through providing access to technology and expertise. RockScar's network of trusted partners spanning the globe can help companies and individuals to move into new markets, find expertise on the ground and discover new business opportunities.

About Us.

RockScar has an in-depth understanding in the world of data center, power, networks and cloud infrastructure with over 20 years experience in the sector. With projects in over thirty-seven countries during our time, we have a wealth of experience and an unrivalled network of connections including access to specialist funding organisations. RockScar’s Resources are at your disposal and  can be deployed in almost any digital infrastructure business application.

The S.P.A Treatment.

RockScar are a DC consultancy. At the heart of what drives RockScar Ltd is a dedication to the de-carbonisation of digital infrastructure by supporting its community to create SUSTAINABLE partnerships with vendors, investors and technology partners alike, increasing PROFITABILITY through knowledge sharing, expertise, our network and financial structuring and finally, promoting the adoption of new and AGILE technologies designed to increase efficiency, attain green credentials and ultimately reduce operating costs.